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I joined the community a couple of short weeks ago. In that time, I’ve gained valuable insight into the experiences of women both at my early stage of the entrepreneurial journey and with years of experience under their belts, have been able to get honest feedback, and have starting to build connections with intelligent and authentic women up and down the country. Thank you we are radikl - this is what it feels like to be part of a movement!

Community over competition


Recently, I've become part of a fabulous community of entrepreneurial women, truly supportive, uplifting, rah rah, hell yeah, we got this kinda vibe & so now more than ever I feel it's community over competition.

The network is so valuable


Without a doubt the biggest benefit of we are radikl is the network and expertise you can tap into. Not just from Sarah and Claire, who obviously have loads of knowledge between them, but equally from other members. There’s always someone who can answer your questions, and sometimes I can answer other people’s too, it feels like a community.

It's a bullshit free zone


we are radikl is totally bullshit free. You can just be yourself. It’s not fake or pretentious or full of people showing off and making you feel worse. It’s just not that. It’s ok to say you’re scared out of your wits, or you’ve had a pants week, or you don’t know how to do something. Someone will pop up and go yeah, me too, have you tried this? It’s made an absolutely huge difference to me

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  • How long do I sign up for?

    Membership gives you access to our community for a whole year. That's 365 days of daily support, insight, inspiration and accountability and as a Tide customer you get this membership for just £49 (discounted from £94) in your first year!

  • Am I the right fit for your community?

    Maybe you’re knee-deep in a brand-new business. Maybe you’re carving out a cracking side hustle or maybe you're a few years in and you're in need of fresh insight, inspiration and resources. Whatever stage you’re at, if you’re ready to show up, get serious and make it happen, now’s the perfect time. Reach out. Jump in. We’ve got you.

  • What kind of support can I expect to find?

    Co-Founders Claire & Sarah hang out in the community most days ready to answer that question that will help you skip forward on your to do list. You can also expect loads of support and expertise from other members who have incredible experiences and wisdom ready to share with you. That's just for starters, you can also expect weekly Hot Seats the best way to short-cut your leaning which you can also watch on replay, monthly expert webinars, virtual co-working and our Maven programme. But above all else, you get a space where all armour can be left at the door and you can turn up as you are knowing that we've got you.