What you'll learn

Whilst we're blowing up the narrative on entrepreneurship we feel it's also time to do the same with networking. Because networking doesn't have to be about how many business cards you collect; whether you're expert at juggling a drink, a plate of food, your bag and a handshake whilst reeling off your pithy one minute intro (whilst also ensuring your power suit is looking power suit-y enough)! In this course we'll share five things you can do to build meaningful relationships with people - with not a finger buffet, business card or shoulder pad in sight!
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Don't just take our word for it ...

Really powerful

Sam Soulsby

It's made me think about a few things I hadn't considered properly. I loved the bit about a human person sitting behind the job title, it's a really powerful message to remember.

I'm thinking more strategically

Tory Offord

It's made me think strategically about WHO I want to network with & WHY - so when I give, it's genuine & I'm happy to do it.

Simple but impactful

Sally Coulden

It's been really useful. As you have said many times this is not rocket science but its really useful to have a new lens to look through and just suggestions on how one can approach and think about things.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Ask: Getting to know you

  • 2

    How to network without having to!

    • Download: How to network without having to

    • Ask: Final check in

    • Download: Templates

  • 3


    • Consider: What's next?