What you'll learn

A vital part of being an effective business owner is to be able to set clear and impactful goals. In this course you'll learn why going beyond SMART goals matters, how to create hacks that fuel your momentum and our 5 step process for setting goals that work and so see you and your business thrive. Finally, you'll learn how to take those big ambitions for your business and from them build tangible next steps that keep you moving forward. You'll finish this course feeling motivated, clear and raring to go.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Watch: Welcome to Getting Started

    • Ask: Getting to know you

  • 2

    Goals Setting & Accountability

    • Download: Your Story Starts Here | Setting (& smashing) your goals

    • Quick check in: Where are you now?

  • 3


    • Watch: Congratulations!

  • 4

    What's next?

    • Consider: What's next?