What you'll learn

In this course you learn about the two main ways small businesses are registered in the UK. You'll read about the advantages and disadvantages of both and you'll be empowered to make a decision on how to register your business. Next you'll be shown exactly what steps you need to take to register your business - no faff just lots of practical help. Finally, you'll learn what else you need to consider when registering your business and how there are easy steps and checks to make sure that your business is represented and protected exactly the way you want it to be.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Registering Your Business

    • Watch: Welcome to Business Basics

    • Ask: Getting to know you

  • 2

    Business Basics | Registering Your Business: how, when and why

    • Download: Getting registered - how, when and why

    • Quick check in: Where are you now?

  • 3


    • Watch: Congratulations!

  • 4

    What's next?

    • Consider: What's next?