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Not the most interesting of subjects but understanding VAT and how it's going to impact on you and your business is going to make you feel amazing. In this course you'll learn what the different VAT rates are, whether you need to be VAT registered and if you do then how you register your business without the help of an accountant. You'll also learn how VAT is applied and how it might impact on your earnings. Like we said, not very exciting but a very necessary step in setting up your business right, right from the start.
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Course curriculum

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    • Watch: Welcome to Business Basics | VAT - how the whole thing works

    • Ask: Getting to know you

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    Business Basics | VAT: How the whole thing works

    • Download: VAT - How the whole thing works

    • Quick check in: Where are you now?

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    • Watch: Congratulations!

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    What's next?

    • Consider: What's next?